Development on country-level maps has been paused to focus on curating global datasets. A future atlas version is being planned to consolidate the following into a single product.


Layer URL
Administrative Boundaries OCHA Common Operational Datasets (CODs)
Roads, Waterways, Settlements, Ports, Education, Financial Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT)
Protected Areas World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA)


Country Code Offline-Enabled Map Base Map Vector Tiles
Afghanistan AFG [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Burundi BDI [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Burkina Faso BFA [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Central African Republic CAF [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Côte d'Ivoire CIV [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Cameroon CMR [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Democratic Republic of the Congo COD [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Columbia COL [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Eritrea ERI [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Ethiopia ETH [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Haiti HTI [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Iraq IRQ [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Lebanon LBN [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Lybia LBY [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Mali MLI [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Myanmar MMR [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Mozambique MOZ [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Niger NER [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Nigeria NGA [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Pakistan PAK [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Philippines PHL [Style URL] [TileJSON]
State of Palestine PSE [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Sudan SDN [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Somolia SOM [Style URL] [TileJSON]
South Sudan SSD [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Syria SYR [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Chad TCD [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Turkey TUR [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Ukraine UKR [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Venezuela VEN [Style URL] [TileJSON]
Yemen YEM [Style URL] [TileJSON]