Population Statistics


Updated: Monday, 30 May 2022

UN World Population Prospects, 2022 Projection

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Population statistics using Meta/Facebook High Resolution Population Density Maps where available, filling in gaps with WorldPop Unconstrained Individual Countries to create a complete global coverage population raster. Results are aggregated to humanitarian edge-matched boundaries, adjusted so that ADM0 totals match those of the 2022 projections in the United Nations World Population Prospects. See GitHub for technical information on how this layer is made.

This population dataset is intended to be joined with edge-matched boundaries created on the same date, joining by admin ID. The following population attributes are present:

tgeneral population
t_00_04children under five
t_15_24youth (15-24)
t_60_pluselderly (60+)
f_15_49women of reproductive age (15-49)

Separate population datasets containing only a single source are also available for download. Conversion factors are also available, used for adjusting source totals to match UN World Population Prospects, 2022 Projection.

SourcePopulation DataConversion Factors
Meta/Facebookxlsxjson | csv | xlsx
WorldPopxlsxjson | csv | xlsx